Christmas Guide

Made in the North Pole.

Enjoy over 30 famous traditional Christmas carols.

Stay up-to-date with more than 40 dates and events.

Is it hard to keep track of all the events taking place? Or find all the festive tunes playing on the radio? Christmas Guide tries to solve all these problems in a single neatly tied application, making you wonder if it didn't directly come from Santa's factory.


Dynamic font, adaptive user interface, and contrasting colors; Accessibility is an essential part of Christmas Guide. So there's no one excluded, everyone included.

Event pages exist for every alternative date of the same event, based on the church or rite.

Carol pages include a YouTube video, lyrics, and links to music services when available.

Character pages provide a glanceable illustration and description accompanied by alternative names.

Privacy is important.

Christmas Guide does not collect any images or personally identifiable data. The development and maintenance of the app only depend on the in-app purchases you choose to pay.

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Minor features. Sharp experience.

Alternate icons

Pick your favorite app icon and show it off.

Dark mode

Choose between the light and the dark side, or both!

Face detection

Let machine learning match you to a Christmas character.

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