Literally more than a dictionary.

Find new words and definitions with 50 unique dictionaries.

Enhance your vocabulary with one of seven languages.

Are you learning a new language, studying for your next big exam, or preparing for that important interview? Huh? is about improving yourself and your vocabulary. Show your knowledge to your friends, family, and the world. Right from your device.

No small talk.

Dynamic font and user interface. Great VoiceOver experience. Vibrant and contrasting colors. Accessibility is an essential part of Huh?. So there's no one excluded, everyone included.

The horizontal spinning wheel lets you choose the dictionary you want for the definition you need.

The history is here when you want to revisit a previously searched term.

The language indicator always prominently displays the currently selected language.

Privacy is important.

Huh? does not collect personally identifiable data. You allow or disallow the app from accessing your device's IDFA to get personal advertisements within the app interface. Advertisements are not the only revenue source; you can buy in-app purchases within the app.

Read the privacy policy

Minor features. Sharp experience.

Dark mode

Choose between the light and the dark side.

Quick actions

Access your history by long-pressing the app icon.

Today extension

Jump straight into the app with the legacy widget.

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